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Afghan dog
Afghan dog -This flyer provides suggestions and cautions to facilitate daily life with your Afghan Hound. Eventually, your Afghan Hound
will become sleek, kingly, graceful, and fast. More than likely your puppy is now fuzzy, a bit clumsy, and may look like a
man in a dog costume. The period between these extremes is very important in developing a pet who is your best friend and
not your worst nightmare! It is very important that you socialize your puppy from an early age. Your breeder should have started that process, and it is now your responsibility to keep him exposed to the world and the people therein. By nature the Afghan Hound is a one family dog, devoted and emotionally attached to those they know, and wary or standoffish with those they don't. Afghan Hound just knows that YOU will give up before hedo Modern obedience methods using lots of "treats" and lots of patience will produce a well-trained and happy dog. Never train in anger, and don't lose your temper - it is counterproductive
>>>>Training >>> First of all, be consistent in all things so he learns what isacceptable and what is not. He should have a crate or pen somewhere in your house where he may sleep, or retire to b alone. It is very important that he is trained to stay in this area
when you are not at home. This keeps him safe from harm and prevents him from destroying your home. Afghan Hounds are
extremely inquisitive and will chew on or chew up an amazing variety of items if given access. Most long time owners have stories of the time their beloved pet destroyed the sofa, the pillows, the false teeth! Don't become a victim - provide him with a safe place and a variety of acceptable toys when you are not with him. A crate is also a valuable housetraining tool. A dog's natural
instinct is not to soil his bed so crating him at bedtime, after he relieves himself and is praised, then taking him out very
early in the morning will help establish a routine. He also can be put in a crate for times when you can't be there to
supervise. He should NOT be crated all day long. If you are at work, arrange to have someone let him out for a romp. An
indoor-outdoor arrangement is best in such a situation. Remember that a large-breed puppy has erratic bladder .control and even after a long period of perfection, accidents will happen. Don't lose your cool. If you see an accident begin, loudly say "no" and put him out. If not, just clean up and look forward to the time when accidents no longer happen. Afghan Hounds are stubborn and seem to only understand "no" when they feel like it. This stubbornness is ofte confused with a lack of intelligence. Quite to the contrary
>>> ise >>>Remember that your dog is a sighthound who loves to run and sees things that you can only imagine. If they get loosethey are GONE!!! They are oblivious to traffic when running and tragedy can result. Only let them loose in a securely fenceyard. Your own yard should have a six foot fence because Afghan Hounds are also good jumpers. For your walks, a
strong leash and a properly used choke chain are a must. If tired from a long walk with you, he will be less likely to be
>>>> ing >>>Breeding dogs is a great responsibility. Properly done, it requires a significant investment of both time and money.
Breeders must be financially and emotionally prepared to house, feed, and socialize an ever growing brood of puppies for the time required to find and screen for proper homes. Before even considering using your Afghan Hound for breeding, remember that no dog with genetic problems should be bred. He or she should be certified free of hip dysplasia by an X-ray sent to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). He or she should be certified free of genetic eye disease by an examination from a Veterinary Opthalmologist that is sent to the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF). After health concerns are eliminated, the dog's
quality should be assessed. Over the years, a Breed Standard for Afghan Hounds has been developed. It is an approved, written description of how the Afghan Hound should look, move, and act. Conscientious and knowledgeable breeders
only breed dogs deemed close to the ideal. Having a litter of puppies is not beneficial to a female and can occasionally lead to problems. Spayed bitches are often healthier and live longer than intact bitches. Neutered males cannot develop testicular cancer and have a lower risk of developing prostate cancer. With proper feeding and exercise, neither will become overweight. If you think you would like to breed dogs, take the time to really learn about the breed and find mentors to help you.
>>>>Grooming >>>No doubt one of the things that attracted you to the Afghan Hound was his beautiful coat. Taking care of his coat is a commitment and also a great responsibility. He should never be a "Prince in tatters." To keep his coat looking beautiful requires several hours a week. You should begin the grooming while he is very small. You are bigger than he is
at this point, and it will be easier to get him used to the grooming table and the dryer. A schedule that works well is: 3-6 mos.
Brushed quickly every day. Bathed and blown dry every . 3 weeks. 6-12 mos.
Brushed every 3 days. Bathed and blown dry every weeks. 12 mos. and older Bathed and blown dry once a week. Some dogs will need a bit of extra brushing between baths to prevent tangles in areas such as the underarms. "Bathed and blown dry" is understood to mean brushed and combed out throroughly while the dog is drying. This is followed by a final and thorough combing with the same wide-toothed comb to be sure all tangles havebeen eliminated. This grooming requires about 45 minutes for baby puppies and 2-1/2 hours (depending on equipment) for adults. Ears must be cleaned and nails may need trimming depending on the exercise surface and age of the dog. Afghan Hounds are athletes with beautiful sleek lines and
look fabulous when neatly clipped. "Neatly" means that a professional and skilled groomer clips the dog before it is matted. Mats are very painfulimagine how you would feel if your arms were connected by a tight web of hair!! If clipped 2 or 3 times a year, your Afghan Hound will look perpetually 8 months old and will be easier to care for. Whichever option you choose, do not let your Afghan Hound have painful mats
>>>> Veterinary Care >>> As veterinary medicine and its protocols are continuallychanging, it is suggested you seek a veterinarian who isfamiliar with sighthounds and their specific needs such asproblems with anesthesia. Ask your breeder and other
sighthound owners for their recommendations and interviewseveral. Asking questions and building a relationship with a
vet before a need arises is the best approach. Do your homework!
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